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NWACHEA Used Book Sale – June 9, 2012

Mark your calendar for the NWACHEA Used Book Sale on Saturday, June 9th, from 9 a.m. – 1 p.m. at Grace Church of NWA in Fayetteville.

You DO NOT have to be a member of NWACHEA to participate in the book sale. In addition to traditional home schooling materials, there are usually many other books in the sale representing a wide variety of topics. Please pass on the details to anyone who may be interested!

Sellers must use special labels provided by NWACHEA. (This ensures that all of the information needed to track sales is marked on every book, and that labels can be easily removed for record keeping.) The cost of labels is $3 for a set of 50.  If you wish to purchase labels, please contact Amy Calhoun.

Drop off will be Friday, June 8th from 4 – 7 p.m. at Grace Church. Unsold books must be picked up Saturday between 2 and 3 p.m.

NWACHEA will retain a commission of 10% on all sales. However, we need volunteers to help on Friday and Saturday, and for those willing to work 2 or more hours at the sale, only a 5% commission will be retained. Volunteers will also be able to shop early on Saturday from 8 – 9 a.m., before the sale opens to others.

Volunteer times are:

Friday  3 – 5 p.m. – duties will include marking the chair locations on the floor, stacking chairs, setting up tables and sorting books
Friday  5 – 7 p.m. – sorting books
Saturday 8 – 10 a.m. – see below
Saturday 10 – 12 p.m. – see below
Saturday 12 – 2 p.m. – see below
Saturday 2 – 4 p.m. – see below

Duties for Saturday volunteers will include keeping the books in good shopping order and working the check out table – removing labels from books, tallying sales sheets, bagging books, taking payment, etc. Beginning at 1 p.m., volunteers will be sorting unsold books for pick up. When the books have been sorted, the volunteers will break down tables and set up chairs for Sunday’s church service.

If you wish to volunteer or if you have any questions, please contact Sheri Hampton.


2012 NWACHEA Science & Education Fair Results

The 2012 Science & Education Fair had so many great projects! Congratulations to all who participated. Special thanks to Amy Calhoun for organizing this year’s fair, to the fantastic judges who volunteered their time to come evaluate all of the students’ hard work, and to all the others who helped make it possible.

Here are this year’s results, by grade, with the name of each student and the title of his/her presentation:

1st place: Benjamin Snyder – Australia
2nd place: Dakota Holloway – Which Birdhouse Will Attract the Most Birds?
3rd place: Chloe Kinder –  Chloe’s Chickens
4th place: Nora Rousseau – Color Mix-Up

1st grade
1st place: Autumn Young – Different Playdough Recipes
2nd place: Gabrielle Dickinson – Food Pyramid

2nd grade
1st place: Amber Comer – Homemade Buttons
2nd place: Rebekah Martin – How Trees Grow
3rd place: Jade Pedraza – Horchata
4th place: Jared Bojie – Creating Carbon Dioxide

3rd grade
1st place: Madeline Lingle-How Does Electricity Work?
2nd place: Noah Calhoun – Noah Knows His Knives
3rd place: Owen Gildner – Dwarf Planets
4th place: Andrew Thompson – Rainforest
5th place: Gracie Donaghey – I Like to Sew
6th place: Hollis Miller – All About Rocks
7th place: Sydney Rousseau – How Wile E. Coyote Can Catch the Roadrunner

4th grade
1st place: Morgan Bojie – Mysterious Mold
2nd place: Katie Comer – Homemade Paper
3rd place: Maggie Gildner – Kitchen Science
4th place: Jasten Lothes – Bugs
5th place: Jennifer Hendrix – Optical Illusions

5th grade
1st place: Chandler Gross – Spa Science
2nd place: Eli Mertz – The Castle
3rd place: Megan Thompson – Horse Care
4th place: Rebecca Rasico – Coke and Candy Geyser
5th place: Sarah Richardson – Who has better memory? Kids or Adults?

6th grade
1st place: Joshua Martin – Nuclear Science
2nd place: Faith Mays – Who has better memory? Kids or Adults?
3rd place: Heidi Hendrix – Horses
4th place: Tori Barron – Horses

7th grade
1st place: Grace Mertz – The Human Heart
2nd place: Rachel Martin – Never Eat Soggy Waffles (Map and Compass)
3rd place: Amanda Thompson – How Your Horse Works

8th grade
1st place: Hayley Calhoun – The Energy of the Hour Is Hydropower
2nd place: Emma Gildner – Ferrets

11th-12th (High Schoolers)
1st place: Caity Kinder – What 4H Does
2nd place: Samuel Moon – Water: What’s the Big Hairy Deal, Einstein?