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NWACHEA K-3rd Spelling Bee – Registration Now Open!

Parents, please understand the deadlines and requirements that we have placed upon this event.  They exist to assure fairness for all of the students participating in the bee, as well as to save the coordinators extra work and confusion at the last minute as there are many items (paperwork, awards, etc.) that have to be prepared ahead of time.  Thanks for your understanding!


Friday, May 9, 2014
10:00 am
Grace Church, 2828 N. Crossover, Fayetteville

Grace Church is on the east side of Crossover road, between the stoplights of Old Wire and Township.  It is a brown building that sits back from the road a bit.


Friday, May 2, by 10:00 pm

Please provide Marni Hendrix with your child’s name and grade level, and your name and phone number. You may contact her by email or at 479-444-6405. Marni will let you know that she received your request to participate, and will send your child’s practice list. If you do not receive these within a few days, please contact her to confirm that your child is registered.


This event is free for NWACHEA members. At the time you sign up, let Marni know that you are a NWACHEA member, and whether you are registered with the Rogers or Fayetteville group.

For families who are not NWACHEA members, the fee is $5 per participating child, non-refundable after the registration deadline. Marni must receive your registration request andpayment by 10:00 pm on May 2. Please mail a check payable to “NWACHEA”, to the following address tobereceived by May 2 in order to secure your spot:

Marni Hendrix
1201 N. Truax Lane
Fayetteville, AR 72704

Non-members who registered by email will receive word from Marni, confirming that their check has arrived.


Rather than have a child get “out” when they miss a word, each child is eventually given a set number of words to spell (probably 10). The kindergarteners will be tested by themselves as a group, then the first graders, etc. Each child takes a turn spelling one word, going through all the kids in the group ten times. At the end, the child in each grade level that has spelled the most correct out of the 10 words wins for that grade level.

Students will be seated in a row of chairs at the front facing the audience, and each child will stand when it is his turn to spell, then sit back down.

Marni Hendrix have lists of the very words that will be given in each grade level, for the kids to practice at home. Unknown (unpracticed) words will be given in the bee if the coordinator has run out of words.

Some other things parents can have the participants practice:

When it is their turn, students should say the word, then spell the word, then say the word again to end their turn. They don’t HAVE to say the word at the beginning and end, but it is a very helpful signal to the judges to know they are done. Plus, it is good practice for the older bee protocol. If it is hard for them to juggle this protocol, then just have them say the letters only.

They do NOT have to indicate capital letters as in the word February.

They should THINK before they speak, rather than think with their mouth, because the judges will not be allowing the following:

“number. n, n, n, n….u, m, b, e, r. number”

“n,u,n, I mean m, b, e r. number”

“n, u, m….number, n, u, m, b, e, r, number”

“n, u, can I start over?”

Once letters come out of the mouth, that’s their literal spelling of that word.  This all sounds quite strict, but the primary aim is to be fair to every participant and once the judges let things slide, it becomes unfair very quickly.


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