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April 20th Homeschool Helps Workshop – HOMESCHOOLING THROUGH HIGH SCHOOL

Mark your calendars for a free Homeschool Helps workshop on HOMESCHOOLING  THROUGH  HIGH SCHOOL on Monday, April 20, at 7:00 pm.  Watch for more details as the date approaches.

Homeschooling Through High School

This workshop will include information on high school courses and credits, grades and transcripts, ACT/SAT tests, graduation, etc.

A note from Marni Hendrix:
I have been asked before if this workshop would benefit someone whose student was just entering junior high. This is how I replied:
“Absolutely.  I went to my first class like this when my son was in the 8th grade and I wish I would have gone earlier.  It is needed to get a big picture of what classes they need to take over those last 4 yrs, what colleges want to see, etc.  I think I would have been more diligent about what he completed in 7th and 8th grades in order to be ready to do certain classes in 9th grade + if I would have been more prepared.  Plus, just getting rid of my ignorance helped me not to dread that season as much.”

This workshop would also be beneficial to someone who is considering homeschooling their older student for the first time.

This is a FREE workshop, but donations are accepted to help cover the cost of handouts. Homeschool Helps workshops are not sponsored by any support group. You do not need to be a member of any group to attend.

Childcare is NOT provided. Nursing infants and babes in arms are welcome.

Workshop presenters:

Shelley Kinder

Marni Hendrix


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