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Reminder & More Details – Fayetteville Planning / Membership Meeting

Mark your calendar and plan to attend Fayetteville NWACHEA’s fall planning meeting on THURSDAY, AUGUST 13th at 1:30 p.m., at Mt. Comfort Church of Christ in Fayetteville.

At this meeting, we will be collecting membership applications and $25 annual dues, and outlining our tentative schedule of events for the fall semester.

If your family plans to participate in Fayetteville NWACHEA this year, please plan to attend. If possible, we ask that you print and fill out your 2015/16 membership application in advance, to save time on the day of our meeting.

Children are welcome to attend the meeting, as always. Students age 8+ will be playing board games while the adults meet. If your family has a favorite game, please bring it along to share with others! Younger children – age 7 and under – will be supervised in a separate room, with a kid-friendly movie, coloring pages, and possibly some other activities. We’re asking parents of kids this age to give $1 per child to help defray the cost of paying a few teens to watch the younger children.

As we have for the past several years, we anticipate that the Fayetteville branch will continue to focus on field trips, PE / play days, holiday parties, and other social-type activities for our students. Fayetteville is parent-led and we depend entirely on parents volunteering to make activities happen for our families, so please come prepared with ideas for field trips and events that you would like to organize for the group.

We will begin our meeting by discussing whether there is interest in a teaching co-op. If your family would like to participate in co-op classes, please prayerfully consider whether you’d be willing to volunteer to coordinate this for the group. As always, someone must step forward to organize the activity, before we can begin planning.

Please note: if your family plans to join BOTH the Rogers and Fayetteville branches of NWACHEA this year, annual membership dues of $25 will be paid to your “primary” group – the one that you anticipate being most involved with – and you will be able to join the second for 1/2 cost ($12.50 per family).

Please contact Beth Gildner with any questions. Thank you!


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