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NWACHEA 4th – 8th Grade Spelling Bee

Parents, please read through the following information completely to be certain you understand the deadlines and requirements that we have placed upon this event.  They are necessary to save the coordinators extra work and confusion at the last minute, as there are many items of paperwork and awards that have to be prepared ahead of time.  Thanks for your understanding!  

Questions and registration should be sent to Marni Hendrix . You may also contact Marni by phone at FOUR79-FOURFOURFOUR-6FOUR05.

DATE AND TIME OF BEE:  Monday, November 16, 2015, 7:00 pm
LOCATION:  Mt. Comfort Church of Christ, 3249 W Mt Comfort Rd., Fayetteville, AR  72704

Monday, November 9, by 10:00 p.m. … meaning that Marni must RECEIVE the notification AND PAYMENT (if applicable) for each participant by 10 p.m. on Nov. 9.  She will need each student’s name and grade level, and the parent’s name and phone number.  In addition, please let Marni know if you are a NWACHEA member, and whether you are registered under the Rogers or Fayetteville group.

This event is free for NWACHEA members.
Non-members: $5 per participating child, which is non-refundable after the deadline of Nov. 9.  Please contact Marni for her address, and mail a check payable to “NWACHEA” to be received by Nov. 9 in order to secure your spot.

Although we refer to this as a 4th-8th grade bee, younger students are allowed to participate. They just cannot be beyond the 8th grade. We typically hold a separate bee for K-3rd grade, but if you have a younger child who is an exceptional speller, he/she is welcome to compete at the older bee.

The winner of this bee has the opportunity to compete in the Washington county spelling bee.  Full requirements for participants in the national Scripps Spelling Bee can be found here.


When parents sign up, Marni will email a list of practice words.  If for some reason you don’t receive it within a couple of days, notify Marni to confirm that she has received your registration!  If you would like to look at the practice list in order to make a decision whether or not your child wishes to participate, Marni will be happy to send it.

Some other things to practice:

  • When it is their turn, students should say the word, then spell the word, then say the word again to end their turn. They don’t HAVE to say the word at the beginning and end, but it is a very helpful signal to the judges to know they are done.
  • They should THINK before they speak, rather than think with their mouth, because judges will not be allowing:
    “number. n, n, n, n….u, m, b, e, r. number”
    “number. n, u, n, I mean m, b, e r. number”
    “n, u, m….number, n, u, m, b, e, r, number”
    “n, u, can I start over?”
    Once it comes out of the mouth, that’s his/her literal spelling of that word.  This all may sound quite strict, but once you let things slide, it becomes unfair very quickly.


In Fayetteville, take the Porter Rd. exit (exit 65) off I49 and go west.  (Porter Rd. is called Mt. Comfort Rd. west of I49.) Go 3/4 mile.  Look for a green church sign on the left and turn left there to get to the church.  The building is not that visible from Mt. Comfort Road, but you might see the pointed white steeple.


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