Northwest Arkansas Christian Home Educators Association

A Statement About Recent Reports on NWA News Outlets

In light of recent news reports, the leadership of NWACHEA has been in touch with the authorities, and we have been assured that there is absolutely no evidence to suggest that there was anyone other than one student involved, and there was no misconduct that occurred during our classes.

SPECIFIC TO THE ROGERS NWACHEA CO-OPThe accused individual has not been a part of the group for quite some time, and when she was with us, to our knowledge, she was never alone with any student. We have (and have ALWAYS had) guidelines in place that require at least two parents in a classroom ⁠— this is a protective measure for both students and teachers.

We take the safety of our children very seriously, and if we are ever made aware of any concerns, they will be addressed in an appropriate manner immediately.

There will be no further public comment from any member of NWACHEA leadership.



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