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NorthweHome school education fairst Arkansas Christian Home Educators Association (NWACHEA) is a Christian group, with families from all denominations, walks of life, and financial levels, united in our desire to teach our children according to God’s Word. We invite any family with the same goals and priorities to be part of our organization.

Some general information about NWACHEA:


There are two branches of the NWACHEA group, in Fayetteville and Rogers.

The Rogers group focuses primarily on co-op classes. The co-op offers a wide variety of subjects each semester, as well as an active teen fellowship. If you are interested in joining the co-op or learning more about the classes offered, please visit the NWACHEA of Rogers website.

The Fayetteville group focuses on field trips, social events (like play days and holiday parties) and other activities to enrich the lives of homeschool families and provide an opportunity for parents and children to develop friendships with others. Please complete the ‘Contact’ form if you have questions.


  • Free registration to participate in bees and education fair

  • Participation in co-op classes

  • Participation in group field trips

  • Holiday events and parties

  • Participation in semester- or year-end programs, if applicable


Dues for each family are $25 per year. The membership year begins in August and continues through the following July. Dues are non-refundable and are not pro-rated for those who join later in the year.

Families who cannot afford the annual dues may contact a member of the Steering Committee. In cases of hardship, membership dues can be paid at a later date or waived entirely for the year.

The money collected in dues is used to pay for:

  • NWACHEA’s registration fees for such events as spelling, vocabulary and geography bees

  • building use fees

  • paper goods for NWACHEA parties and events

  • student awards / ribbons for bees, science fairs, and other events

  • gifts to non-profits such as the Arts Center of the Ozarks and Jones Center

  • website hosting and operation costs

  • group liability insurance

  • supplies (name tags, labels for used book sale, checks, etc.)

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